About Us

California Women for Agriculture (CWA) was formed in 1975, in the Coachella Valley. The name was chosen to develop a cross section of members across our great state. In fact, the nucleus of the first chapter was made up of consumers, as well as farmers. Today our membership is as diverse as the industry we represent; bankers, lawyers, accountants, marketing professionals, consumers, farmers and ranchers. With 20 chapters and 2,000 plus members across the state. Members are actively engaged in public relations, education and legislative advocacy on behalf of agriculture.

Our mission is to promote and protect the agricultural industry, to promote and develop the interest of California women involved or interested in agriculture and to promote a strong agriculture industry in San Luis Obispo County.

CWA's efforts are guided by 5 principle objectives:  to speak on behalf of agriculture in an intelligent, informative, direct and truthful manner; to keep CWA members informed on legislative activities pertaining to agriculture; to join forces when the need arises to deal with agricultural issues and challenges; to improve the public image of farmers and; to develop a rapport with consumers, educators, and governmental & business leaders in communities throughout the county and outlying areas. SLO CWA plays an important role in being a part of the bigger ag picture in California Agriculture.

• CWA believes...that California agriculture is the fundamental cornerstone for our country's health and national security. Agriculture needs to be California's number one priority.

• CWA is committed...to maintaining a healthy and vibrant agricultural industry for California and our nation

• CWA is dedicated...to ensuring that a local, reliable and safe food supply continues to be available for future generations.


San Luis Obispo County CWA
P.O. Box 3786
Paso Robles, CA 93447