Cow Plop 2021

What: In a local pasture here in San Luis Obispo, we will set up a giant pen with drawn out squares on the ground and let one cow out. As we watch this virtually this year, whosoever square the cow “plops” on will win the $600 dollars worth of gift cards as one prize. This may be a five minute process or it could be 45 minutes – it’s up to the cow herself! Our goal through this fundraiser is to support students involved in the livestock industry by using the money raised to help purchase an animal from one of our scholarship recipients at the local Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles.

When: Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Where: The action will be taking place at Twisselman Ranch here in San Luis Obispo, but join us on Facebook and Instagram to tune in for a live viewing of the plop! Links to our Facebook and Instagram pages are in the top right corner of this page.

What are we giving away? $600 dollars worth of gift cards from local businesses here in San Luis Obispo County as one prize, in addition to three $100 dollar prizes from the raffle. Tickets available for the raffle drawing are unlimited!

Questions? Email or D.M. us!


Total money raised:

Total money towards purchases from local businesses:

Total money towards our hopeful effort in purchasing an animal at the California Mid-State Fair from one of our scholarship recipients:


Raffle #1:

Raffle #2:

Raffle #3:

Grand Cow Plop Winner:

Thank you to our local supporting businesses!

Paso Robles

Cali Grill

BarrelHouse Brewing

Tin City Cider

Iron Oaks Winery

Earth and Fire Brewing Company

Firestone Walker Brewing Company

Kilokilo Brewing Company


Groves on 41

Santa Margarita

Ancient Peaks Winery

San Luis Obispo

Central Coast Brewing

Farmhouse Wine & Cider Co.

Santa Maria

Scar of the Sea Wines